Improving Business Performance by Achieving Understanding: A Discussion

New and Developing ways of "Understanding" before you Act or Decide

Why Focus on the What?

By focusing on what you are trying to accomplish in the long term to develop a vision you can share, key goals and key strategies for achieve those goals, you will see the following benefits:

  • When you have a honest accurate and thorough understanding of the market environment in which you operate, you have the ability to achieve great things through focus.  With effectiveplanning and execution you will have the ability to sustain advantages and pursue rewarding opportunties. 
  • To get people on the same page greatly  increasing productivity.
  • To get better response to change and get a greater ability to take advantage and prosper with it.
  • To enable purposeful growth  - it is a necessary pre-condition.
  • When people are focused and know where they are going and how they can contribute, they get a lot more done versus talking about it.
  • Greater accountability so people do their part and work in unison
  • You understanding is clearer so you continually make better decisions saving time, money and stress.
  • When done exceptionally well, goals are achieved, resources and investments are productively deployed, success is realized

When done poorly, as it often is, people may go about their day to day business just fine, but activities such as preparing for the future, overcoming existing challenges, pursue opportunities are done in a vacuum and are mis-focused and  if they exist at all. This is always costly, but often in hidden but significant  ways.

The Ultimate Management Tool, What is it?What if you could design the ultimate management tool - Would it help select / hire the best?What if you could design the Ultimate Management Tool? Would it help Engage and Motivate your People?The Ultimate Management Tool? Would it help you retain them?The Ultimate Management Tool? Would it help you Develop them optimally?What would your Ultimate Management Tool consist of?What would your Ultimate Management Tool consist of?If you accurately understand then you can...Execute Optimally with accurate understanding / Execute poorly with misunderstandingHATS: Perhaps, the Ultimate Management Tool

"The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated the costs to replace an employee to be approximately 1/3 their annual salary; but when you start looking at the impact of hiring the wrong employee and having to replace them, some studies say 2.5 times annual earnings, some 4 times and some even higher." AGILEdge