Achieving Understanding and Insight to Optimize Performance and Decisions

To achieve understanding and assist with your execution, we work with, what we have determined, is the best assessment system available today globally.  For many, we also believe, it may be the most powerful part of their management system.   It's called the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions System (HATS).   It's key components are as follows:
The HATS system is unique in the global marketplace. It provides powerful data analytics drawn from two major sources.
  • With the results from a questionnaire which takes around 20 minutes to complete, your candidates and employees are accurately profiled on up to 175 different traits through the use of the  SmartQuestionnaire which gathers the equivalent of over 2800 multiple choice questions and validates consistency.  This  data provides a comprehensive view of  each person in your organization including their  natural tendencies, motivations, task and work preferences, interests, personality, styles and motivations.
  • The data from thousands of validated job studies are part of this system as well. These Job Success Formulas,  are determined from validated studies on high, average and low performers to understand what the essential, desirable and negative (hindrance) traits are. 

When you put these two things together, along with the ability to collect and benchmark eligibility and interview information to reduce the hiring cycle in a highly significant way, you can see why this is becoming the system of choice and revolutionizing  the way companies select, develop, retain and engage their employees.

The results show up in improvements in selecting the right person for the job, in less unproductive conflict,  in improved decision-making and collaboration,  in increased job satisfaction,  in greater engagement and "proactivity" and ultimately in significant bottom line improvements.