Harrison Decision Analytics Enables Management Nirvana

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The decision analytics in the Harrison Assessment System focus on the critical success and engagement factors for specific jobs (1000s of researched profiles) enabling employers to use one single assessment to support and accelerate the entire talent management lifecycle. These decision analytics enable employers to accomplish the following:
• Predict performance in specific jobs
• Improve engagement and retention by matching proven job specific success factors (on several thousand job types)  to individual competencies to assess fit  and determine employee needs and engagement factors. 
• Improve employee productivity and job satisfaction through better employee job fit and improved management effectiveness by applying an understanding of this data (on individual motivations, styles, capabilities, natural tendencies etc...).
• Improve the overall effectiveness of people decisions by integrating  all the key elements that underlie performance assessment including education, training, experience, skills, motivations, attitudes, interests, task and work environment preferences, styles and natural tendencies.
• Provide the understanding necessary  to ensure work satisfaction and to capture discretionary effort by using "Enjoyment Performance Methodology”
• Provide a validated researched based method of choosing people with a proven probability of success for that person in that job.
• Use Paradox TechnologyTM to accurately determine if a strong behavioral tendency is a strength or derailer; something other assessments cannot do. 
• Integrate all aspects of the assessment (including behavior, interview and qualifications) into one overall score for easy and consistent decision-making. 
•  Improves decision-making by ranking all candidates against a summary of all assessment factors rather than creating ineffective cut-off scores related to assessment segments.
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"The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated the costs to replace an employee to be approximately 1/3 their annual salary; but when you start looking at the impact of hiring the wrong employee and having to replace them, some studies say 2.5 times annual earnings, some 4 times and some even higher." AGILEdge