Agiledge Team Performance Program

Program Overview:

This program originated 10 years ago and has evolved with each engagement to achieve several outcomes:

  1.  A real team building that resulted in concrete improvements in team capability and team results as opposed to games and "make-believe" that commonly are done in the guise of team performance building.
  2.  A means for internalizing self-knowledge (i.e. natural tendencies, motivations, decision making and relationship styles, personality, etc…) so that this awareness leads to greater capability and potential.
  3. An effective process for minimizing and eliminating impediments to open feedback and authentic collaboration in teams.
  4. An effective process for accurately pinpointing the most valuable opportunities and the most likely threats so that a team can achieve better results through better focus. 

Each participant exits the main event of this process with a…

  • Greater understanding of "themselves", natural tendencies, interpersonal capabilities… as well as their strengths and weaknesses
  • An understanding of each team member's strengths, challenges, natural tendencies, EI…. . 
  • The ability to use this greater understanding to create a more focused, collaborative, productive and effective team producing far greater results;
  • Greater accountability for  collective and individual results
  • A personalized action plan to be a better leader and team member;
  • Improved problem solving and more effective goal achievement; 
  • Increased Trust and Trustworthiness through the improved understanding of personal style, behavior & interpersonal skills.
  • Greater commitment to each other (bonding) and goals (focus)…
  • Greatly reduced unproductive conflict and improved productive conflict resolution improving problem solving and implementation capability
  • Increased collaboration and a much greater collective team results focus
  • Improved depth (why? You have a much greater understanding of strengths, weaknesses, preferences and easier buy-in to get people enrolled in specific activities)
  • Team is more effective, with solid knowledge on where each player can add value
  • Buy-in on new ideas and directions easier to achieve so quicker reaction, better focus...
  • Improved dialogue, conflict resolution and problem-solving which always results when people  understand each other's styles, capabilities…
  • More effective feedback - (Many studies indicate the true test of a high performing team rests on the ability of its members to give open and constructive feedback)