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Welcome to the AGILEdge Resource Site. Since 1996, AGILEdge has helped businesses, non-profits and government agencies improve their performance by providing "tools", project management and advisory services to create understanding and sustainable advantageous capability. These are the capability(ies) that enable organizations to move to a new level of people and process performance over the long term.   To do this, we focus on assessing the critical success factors, then addressing the underlying causes of performance and then working with you to develop the sustainable advantageous capability which typically come from simultaneous people, process and focus optimization.

The purpose of this Resource Portal is to provide information on creating Sustainable Advantageous Capability.  By doing this, the results are durable, defendable and valuable.. Feel free to register to add comments or content directly. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, issues or suggestions.

Alan Hoffmanner  (www.linkedin.com/in/alanhoffmanner)

Alan brings expertise from a career implementing positive change in well over 100 organizations by first formulating a clear understanding people and process and then designing and implementing a plan  to create sustainable advantageous capability.   His skills have been developed as an executive, program manager, sales manager and entrepreneur. Beginning with  experiences as a systems analyst and Systems Productivity manager  at General Dynamics, as a Market Manager at American Express and from various leadership roles at divisions of United Technologies and as a Performance Improvement Process Leader at dozens of smaller organizations.

As a member of United Technologies’ Leadership Associates team, Alan served as a Product Manager in charge of development and marketing activities of an $100 million/year product line, as leader of a Supplier Management/purchasing program, as  plant manager, as Director of Sales and Marketing for a $180 million/year operation and as a leader of several major change efforts within large organizations.  In addition, he was a small business consultant in New York City, while earning his MBA at Columbia University . Alan has worked with dozens of companies producing results repeatedly exceeding expectations. . For seven years, he was the Southern California facilitator for a leading management development program,  leading the development of several hundred managers in a 12 month program.  

Stephanie joined Agiledge in 2012 and was named Director of Client Services in July, 2013. She came to us after a career that included marketing, operations and an entrepreneurial pursuit.She has worked for Direct TV and in the collaborative software industry. She has business degrees from Dominican College and University of the East. At Agiledge, her responsibilities include client support, web and assessment administration and being a center of excellence for systems and processes for predicting human performance and improving people management effectiveness. 










Michelle joined Agiledge in early 2014 and is responsible for marketing and client support for various industries and for Harrison Assessment Debrief assistance. She is Level I Certified with Harrison Assessment and working on the next levels.  With a B.S.  in Information Technology from SanBeda Benedictine College, Michelle's career  before Agiledge consists of several increasingly responsible roles in marketing and sales management in several Financial Services and IT firms.   








PETER WHITE   (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pvwhite )

Peter brings expertise and knowhow resulting from over 30 years as a CEO/CFO/ Entrepreneur and CPA.  Peter is fixer known as a positive change agent and has started or mentored   over 50 companies with great success.   

 He raised $250 million; funded 25 start-ups and assisted owners to develop and execute their exit plan.   In addition, while earning his MBA at Columbia University.  Additionally, Peter earned an Executive MBA from TUCK School of Business   (Dartmouth).  He was a practicing CPA in New York City                                                                    

He provides interim CFO and CONSULTING services including:

• COSO, SOX 404 & Internal controls Financial Analysis & GAAP Reporting

• Credit, accounts payable and accounts receivable aging systems.

• Negotiating  bids, prices,  and terms

• Contract Negotiations

• Streamlines accounting systems and reduces operations cost

• M&A Due Diligence

• Enterprise Risk Management Process Improvement

• System Selection, Integration  & Implementation

• Budgeting & Financial Planning

• Private Equity, Venture Financing, Presentations to Private & Institutional Investors ·        

• M&A Analysis & Valuation

• Cash management analysis

• Enterprise valuation

• Salary budgets and 401ks, Regulatory Filings (SEC. Tax)financial Information


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"The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated the costs to replace an employee to be approximately 1/3 their annual salary; but when you start looking at the impact of hiring the wrong employee and having to replace them, some studies say 2.5 times annual earnings, some 4 times and some even higher." AGILEdge