People Selection and Optimization

Selecting the Right Person for the Job, Task, Project, Team,  Presentation, ...

The ability to select the right person for the job, the team, the project… is a fundamental capability of highly successful organizations and leaders. Unfortunately, it is also an area that, in most organizations, is done rather poorly.  This would be more clearly understood if they looked at their level of engagement, performance, and positive retention.

Consider the following: (Click here to read the WHite Paper below by Dr. Dan Harrison): 

  •  The people decisions are normally what determine the level of success a leader will have.
  •  Effective people decision-making is both and art and a science and increasingly, with the tools available, can become more of a predictive science.
  •  Making the wrong people decision is remarkably expensive as it may be easy to get rid of truly bad performers- but that mediocre performer can pose greater risks as they can cost your organizations month after month and they also lead to the loss of high performers...
  •  In a rapidly changing world and market environment, picking the right investments to make in your people is key to creating and maintaining a high performing organization.
  •  Technology is having a huge impact on the cost-effectiveness of available alternatives both for selection and development of people.
  •  For many competition for competencies and skills can come from those half way around the world who are more educated and cost 1/3 as much (or less). How does this impact people decisions locally?
  •  Selecting the wrong person is a very expensive proposition but it's commonly done.
  •  Interviews, even structured behavioral interviews, are often poor ways to accurately assess the future performance of an individual (but effectivve in validating key performance factors).

In the following pages, we'll  focus on solutions for improving the quality and effectiveness of your people through selection and development activities.

And below, you can click on the following booklet and page through a White Paper by one of the leading authorities globally in this area.

"The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated the costs to replace an employee to be approximately 1/3 their annual salary; but when you start looking at the impact of hiring the wrong employee and having to replace them, some studies say 2.5 times annual earnings, some 4 times and some even higher." AGILEdge