Agiledge- a Little More About Us

Our focus at AGILEdge is on creating sustainable advantageous capability. There are three dimensions to this focus. First, we work with organizations to improve the performance of key management, operational and marketing/sales processes.   In doing so, we provide and support a number of proven (typically web-based) tools for achieving remarkable improvements in people decision-making, goal achievement and/or communications in specific processes.  Second, we work with organizations to optimize their people decisions by using the most scientific and powerful tools available along with our many years of experience.  Both together constitute optimizing process and people and when done simultaneously with an optimal focus, they result in sustainable advantageous capability.

The business has been built around the three pillars for creating and maintaining a high performing organization and more importantly for creating sustainable advantageous capability, the hallmark of  high performing organizations over the long term:

  • People: Selecting High Performers and Building Highly Effective Teams (WHO)
  • Focus: Strategy and Goal Achievement (WHAT)
  • Process: People-Process Performance Improvement (HOW)

Over the years, we've assembled a powerful arsenal of expertise, business tools and programs  to address the creation and maintaining of SACS and which through this enables organizations to have action and decision effectiveness.  Effective actions involve getting the right things done right - that is, being optimally productive.   Decision-making is based on having the right information, the right people , the right goals and attitudes towards making choices and of course,  following-through. Effectiveness is achieving the desired results.

For business owners, Executive Directors and General Managers, we always offer a no cost executive overview at your office and convenience as well as a no-cost "first step" to demonstrate our capabilities and help in achieving the buy-in of the participants.