Improving People Decisions by Integrating All the Key Decision Criteria into One -HATS/JSF

An organization can greatly improve the effectiveness of its hiring, internal promotions and teams  by integrating the assessment of education, training, experience, skills, motivations, interactions, attitudes, interests, task and work environment preferences. This is what HATS does. It integrates the two main categories of what determines performance,  one which answers the question, CAN they do it?;   The other, which is typically more important,  answers the question, WILL they do it?   

The HA system produces a full profile on the suitability side unlike anything else available and companies can use our research and database to easily develop the eligibility criteria and use a scoring model with which to match candidates and employees.    

The available job-specific research  is extensive and varies from warehouse, assembly and machining jobs to sales, customer service, engineering and speciality jobs and on up to CEO, COO, CMO, CFO.... 

This allows candidates and employes to be  measured against what truly matters, the job they are being considered for or the job they are in.     With a database of thousands of researched job success formulas, managers can access the knowledge we've assembled on what makes one a high performer in a specific job in question.  

This provides invaluable information for making hiring/selection decision and just as important,  for managing and motivating, for performance improvement (where the most leverage is) and for creating engaged and inspired employees.  These are key reasons why we believe the HATS system is the most powerful management tool available when fully deployed. 

HATS is the only assessment that enables the integration of eligibility factors (experience, education and skills) with Suitability Factors (to the left) as part of a comprehensive Job Success Formula.

The Ultimate Management Tool, What is it?What if you could design the ultimate management tool - Would it help select / hire the best?What if you could design the Ultimate Management Tool? Would it help Engage and Motivate your People?The Ultimate Management Tool? Would it help you retain them?The Ultimate Management Tool? Would it help you Develop them optimally?What would your Ultimate Management Tool consist of?What would your Ultimate Management Tool consist of?If you accurately understand then you can...Execute Optimally with accurate understanding / Execute poorly with misunderstandingHATS: Perhaps, the Ultimate Management Tool

"The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated the costs to replace an employee to be approximately 1/3 their annual salary; but when you start looking at the impact of hiring the wrong employee and having to replace them, some studies say 2.5 times annual earnings, some 4 times and some even higher." AGILEdge